Jan 10

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Free Online Machine Learning Classes

Professor Andrew Ng and his team from University of Stanford provided free online lessons about machine learning. Students are provided video sessions and slide presentations in both PDF and PPTX, as well as some practical exercises.

You don’t even need to have a lot of Maths background, as the course has some introductory content on Algebra and other concepts that are needed to understand the more advanced lessons. Although the course is already finished, you can still register and watch the videos and download complete PDFs. Here is an overview of the course:

01. Introduction to Machine Learning
02. Linear regression with one variable
03. Linear algebra review
04. Linear regression with multiple variables
05. Octave Tutorial
06. Logistic regression
07. Regularization
08. Neural Networks: Representation
09. Neural Networks: Learning
10. Advice for Applying Machine Learning
11. Machine Learning System Design
12. Support Vector Machines
13. Clustering
14. Dimensionality Reduction
15. Anomaly Detection
16. Recommender Systems
17. Learning with Large Datasets
18. Application Example: Photo OCR

You can start yourself in machine learning today.
Go to http://www.ml-class.org/, register and take your time watching the videos and practicing.


A new class will start at 23rd January 2012 – signup now at http://jan2012.ml-class.org/

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Ricardo Dias

Ricardo Dias was born in Entroncamento, Portugal and is studying Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at University of Aveiro. He is a researcher in robotics and is currently the Team Leader of CAMBADA@MSL team. As a hobby, he is also a freelancer Stage Lighting Designer.

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