Sep 18

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My latest repair – QUBE Q15

I just wanted to share with you my latest repair work… I was given a burnt QUBE Q15 board. If you don’t know QUBE, it’s an audio company and Q15 is a speaker model.

In the next pictures you can see the original board, with all components taken out. These are high quality products, but I guess someone pushed the beast a little over its limits. :P

QUBE asks for 300$ for a replacement, which is clearly too much! Let’s solve the issue by developing an equivalent PCB.

When taking the components off, I always kept in mind that they are really the core of the audio products quality. Any damage to the coils or capacitors and would end up being a completely different product. There were 2 resistors that I needed to buy to replace the burnt ones.

Now that we have taken the board apart, it is time to draw it in EAGLE. It took me almost 2 hours to accurately measure every dimension to ensure that the replacement board would be exactly the same as the original, to ensure 2 things:

  • when I started soldering, I wanted the components to fit properly in the same place as they were before
  • The drills on the corner must be in the same place to put the new board in the same place as the old one, inside the speaker

Here you have a picture of the work done in EAGLE:

It is now time for development! :) I use the toner-based PCB making method. There are lots of tutorials out there for you to learn to build your own PCBs. After developing, I needed to drill everything and it was ready for soldering…

The last step was obviously to solder the components back and here you have the final result:

Now the Q15 is fully working again with less than 20$ spent. ;)

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Ricardo Dias

Ricardo Dias was born in Entroncamento, Portugal and is studying Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at University of Aveiro. He is a researcher in robotics and is currently the Team Leader of CAMBADA@MSL team. As a hobby, he is also a freelancer Stage Lighting Designer.

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