Oct 15

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Martin “Show Your Passion” Contest

Martin HQ

Back in September, Martin started a contest named “Show Your Passion”. Contestants were required to submit a video with no more than 1 minute in which they showed their passion for the brand. So did I…

I made a small text, grabbed two cameras and recorded the video. After some editing and some gymnastics to make it fit in 1 minute, I uploaded my video to youtube and sent the link to the given e-mail address with the hope of not being disqualified by an extra 1 second in the YouTube video (although my video editor showed a video length of 1 minute, 0 seconds and 0 frames).

In 1 minute I talked about:

  • Myself: what’s my name, what is my current job and small introduction
  • The passion: in fact at the time, I already had a version of RD/MPCTools working and being used by a lot of users. It really extends the functionality of their program M-PC. I’ve just described how I was using their software with affordable tools.
  • Top 3 of their products that I love: the M6 controller, Viper Quadray and the new RUSH family.

Guess what… I WON!!

Yes, I won a trip to Martin’s factory and HQ! I will be a great experience for me, since I have a background in electronics and have this passion for lighting design.

I’m looking forward to fly to Denmark and know the heart of this exceptional brand! There will be so many things to learn and to enjoy! :)

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Ricardo Dias

Ricardo Dias was born in Entroncamento, Portugal and is studying Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at University of Aveiro. He is a researcher in robotics and is currently the Team Leader of CAMBADA@MSL team. As a hobby, he is also a freelancer Stage Lighting Designer.

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