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Sep 16

Modifying servos for continuing rotation


If you ever thought of better ways to control your robot’s locomotion, you might have googled and found that more and more people are using servos. But why? Well, firstly servos are easy accessible and cheap (you can buy a standard hobby servomotor for under $13). In a very small package you get a DC motor, gearbox, and feedback control system. …

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Sep 13

Raspberry Pi, have you heard of it?

Raspberry Pi is the name of a mini-computer that has the same size as a debit/credit card. What would one expect of such a small “computer”? Not much? Well keep reading and you will find out it is not as bad as you might me thinking.

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Mar 17

SM130 RFID Reader and Arduino

Recently I’ve been working on a RFID identification solution for a new project at University of Aveiro. Our first approach will be through Arduino and the Son Micro SM130 RFID module. At first, the Arduino seemed quite simple and effective for the final goal, but soon the problems came up. We will have to communicate …

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Feb 25

DD-WRT Serial and Arduino

Today I’m sharing my latest experiment with DD-WRT along with Arduino. For those who are not familiar with DD-WRT, it is a custom firmware for a large range of different routers, that allows to unleash some features that they don’t seem to have with stock firmware. For this experiment, I used a Buffalo WHR-G300N, because …

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Mar 14

How to identify the polarity of a LED

Here I present 3 different ways to identify any LED’s polarity. I hope this is useful for people who are starting to work with LEDs.

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