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What functions are available?

Here is the complete list of functions that are assignable to faders and buttons of your devices.


[Fader/Encoder] Controls an executor fader.

The executor fader number (from 1 to 90)


[Fader/Encoder] Controls an attribute using an encoder or fader.

The name of the Attribute to be controlled (DIM, GOBO1, ...)

Specify the type of encoder output

How much scroll to apply to the attribute

If "Custom" is selected for the "EncoderOutputType", this is the value (in decimal) considered for a encoder scroll left.

If "Custom" is selected for the "EncoderOutputType", this is the value (in decimal) considered for a encoder scroll right.


[Button] Executes a command in the GrandMA2 desk.

The command to be executed in the console


[Button] Controls an executor button.

The executor number (from 1 to 190)

Each executor may have up to 3 buttons

Can be Click (press followed by unpress), Hold (press) or Release (unpress)


[Button] Changes a Fader or Button page.

Fader Page or Button Page

Can be one of JumpTo, Next or Previous

In case JumpTo is selected as ChangeType, this is the target page


[Button] Controls a key.

The key to be pressed/unpressed

Can be Click (press followed by unpress), Hold (press) or Release (unpress)


[Button] Controls a modifier key.

The modifier key to be pressed/unpressed (currently only "Shift" is available)

Can be Click (press followed by unpress), Hold (press) or Release (unpress)


Latest version (GrandMA2 v3.2.2.16+)

Download v1.2.0

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Get your key!

If this application turns out to be useful for you and would like to use it continuously, please consider getting your own license via PayPal. Licenses are available starting at 49 EUR.

Note: Unregistered versions will have all features, but will randomly disconnect from GrandMA2. If you want to run RD/GMA2Tools continuously, you should register the software.

RD/GMA2Tools around the world

Chloé Aulit - France
Lucas Hoyer - Germany
Manu Zeljkovich - Buenos Aires

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

RD/GMA2Tools is free to download and test.
However, if the software is not registered, it will randomly disconnect itself from GrandMA2. Please register to support the development by getting a license (licenses are available starting at 49 EUR).

Does RD/GMA2Tools work with device A or B?

RD/GMA2Tools supports any MIDI controller that is able to output CC (Control Change) or NoteOn/NoteOff Messages. Please refer to your device’s manual on how to do that.

I won't be putting any effort in making something for a specific controller. Updates will be always targeted for a generic MIDI device.

Any configuration needed?

The application uses the Web Remote API, so you have to configure GrandMA2 the same way. Please see section "Console Configuration" on this tutorial

Does this work on MA Dot2 as well?

No. RD/GMA2Tools requires the web-remote protocol, which is currently not available on Dot2 systems.

I can't connect to GrandMA2. Why?

First of all, can you connect and login to the web-remote using a browser? If you can't, then it's nothing to do with RD/GMA2Tools. Please make sure you configure your GrandMA2 correctly and can connect and login using the web-remote first.
Double check that you have followed all the instructions on the tutorial video.
Make sure you are running a compatible version with your GrandMA2 version.

If it still doesn't work, contact me stating both the GrandMA2 version and RD/GMA2Tools. Note: "latest" is not a version number. Start your e-mail by saying "I've followed all the steps on the FAQ, ...".

Does this work on GrandMA version X.Y.Z?

GrandMA2 compatible versions are explicit in the download list. If version X.Y.Z is not on the list, then the answer is simple: most probably, it doesn't work.

Can you make this work on GrandMA version X.Y.Z?

Releases will always be targeted at the latest GrandMA2 versions. If X.Y.Z is a fresh new release, please give me some time. If X.Y.Z is an old release, the answer is no.

I found a bug! How can I reach you?

Good! Please contact me right-away and tell me about that unintentional “feature” :) I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

The Developer

Ricardo Dias
Entroncamento, Portugal
Robotics Engineer

Main interests: Robotics, Electronics, Stage Lighting Design and Systems Integration

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