The extension toolkit for Martin M-Series Software
is now part of RD/ShowCockpit

Plug in your devices!

Use a MIDI Device and map any function in M-PC to faders and buttons.


Get the most out of it!

Use a Joystick to have direct access to Pan and Tilt

Made by Users to Users


Connect multiple MIDI devices. Map MIDI faders/buttons to M-PC Functions!


Map your keyboard Keys to M-PC functions.


Support for Joystick control of Pan/Tilt. User-assignable functions for each joystick button

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This project is closed

MPCTools has now been integrated in RD/ShowCockpit.
There are special conditions for users that donated at least $25 prior to 11th March 2018.
The latest MPCTools version will still be available for download, but it will not be updated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

RD/MPCTools was a donationware application, completely FREE for personal and commercial usage.
It was supported by users in the form of donations.

Will you update the program?

No. The project is now closed and will not update - MPCTools has now been integrated in a new application called RD/ShowCockpit. The latest MPCTools version will still be available for download, but it will not be updated.

Does RD/MPCTools work with device A or B?

RD/MPCTools supports any MIDI controller that is able to output CC (Control Change) or NoteOn/NoteOff Messages. Please refer to your device’s manual on how to do that.

RD/ShowCockpit plans to integrate drivers for several different specific MIDI devices over time.

What is a "Device Space"?

Each deviceSpace has its own bank. You then associate devices with deviceSpaces the way you want. If you want 2 devices synchronized, you select the same Device Space for both; if you want them working on independent banks, you have to choose different Device Spaces for each. Note: deviceSpace 0 is the MAIN one, and is the one shown at the bottom of M-PC.

I am not getting any feedback. Why?

Feedback for faders and buttons is provided by M-PC for MainPlaybackButtons, MainPlaybackFader, Programmer keys and F-Keys. If you are assigning any other function to your fader or button, don't expect any feedback, because M-PC is not sending any.

I can't control main playback faders 11-20. What am I doing wrong?

Nothing wrong! That's normal. It is a known limitation with no solution (the M-Series software doesn't have faders for playbacks 11-20).
If you need more faders, use the Submaster section or use multiple main playback banks at the same time.

Can I control multiple banks with a single MIDI controller?

Sure! Here is a simple example:
- Create a new device in MPCTools
- Map the first 10 faders (learn + assign)
- In the M-PC tab, select a default bank and a different deviceSpace (e.g. 1).
- Create a new device in MPCTools
- Map 10 different faders (learn + assign)
- In the M-PC tab, select a default bank and a different deviceSpace (e.g. 2).

What is the Fixture Finder?

Fixture finder is a way for you to search fixtures with similar DMX footprint (# of channels and their order). If you have some sort of Chinese knock-off and you are in a hurry, you can check if there are fixtures in the library that have the same channels in the exact same order that you can use.

Windows Defender is detecting virus in MPCTools

Unfortunately, Windows Defender is wrongly identifying MPCTools as virus. Although I'm in contact with Microsoft, I am unable to solve this issue as fast as I wish. Meanwhile, take a look at this thread in the Martin forum. The only solution for now is to disable Windows Defender to install and then add MPCTools folder as an exception.

The Author

Ricardo Dias
Entroncamento, Portugal
Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer

Main interests: Robotics, Electronics, Live TV and Stage Lighting Production

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