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RD/MPCTools – Function Reference

This page presents a complete reference guide to all the functions available for faders, buttons and LUA scripts.

Faders Functions


Controls a main playback fader in the current bank

  • PlaybackNumber – from 1 to 10


Controls the level of a fader in the submaster wing

  • PageNumber
  • PlaybackNumber - from 1 to 12


Controls the level of the Grand Master fader


Controls one of the Base Parameters encoders. MIDI value =0 (down) or >0 (up)

  • EncoderNumber – from 1 to 4


Controls one of the FX Parameters encoders. MIDI value =0 (down) or >0 (up)

  • EncoderNumber - from 1 to 4


Directly controls a parameter with the fader (Intensity, Pan, Tilt).



Buttons Functions


Triggers the upper-most button (default GO) in the current main playback bank. This is the first row of buttons above the faders.

  • PlaybackNumber - from 1 to 10


Triggers the default (Pause/BACK) button in the current main playback bank. This is the second row of buttons above the faders.

  • PlaybackNumber - from 1 to 10


Triggers the default SELECT button in the current main playback bank. This is the row of buttons right below the faders.

  • PlaybackNumber - from 1 to 10


Triggers the default FLASH button in the current main playback bank. This is the second row of buttons below the faders.

  • PlaybackNumber - from 1 to 10


Triggers an action in a specific Playback Button.

  • BankNumber - the number of the Playback Buttons page
  • PlaybackNumber - the number of the button in that page
  • Action – the action to trigger (Go, Back, Release, Toggle, …)


Goes to the next bank.


Goes to the previous bank.


Goes to a specific bank.


Sends a Key to M-PC.

  • OSCKey - chose from the dropdown list


Makes a scroll in a certain parameter.

  • Parameter - the desired parameter to scroll (Intensity, Pan, Tilt, …)
  • ScrollAmmount - the ammount to scroll


Selects a parameter group.

  • ParameterType - select from the list (Base/FX)
  • GroupNumber - the number of the group to select


Enables the control of Pan/Tilt parameters with motion of the trackball/mouse. You can change the sensitivity in the “Preferences” pane.


Updates the internal information about the showfile and forces a sync to all the faders/buttons feedback.


You can assign a modifier key with this function, like the Shift key to execute Shift functions while this button is pressed, for example.


Executes the LUA script file present in My Documents\My Maxxyz Files\MPCTools\Scripts




LUA Scripting Functions


  • ExecFile(string fileName)
  • Sleep(float seconds)
  • Alert(string message)
  • string value = Prompt(string message, string defaultValue)
  • bool value = PromptYesNo(string message)
  • ShowNotification(string title, string body)

Fixtures and Groups

  • SelectFixture(int fixtureNumber)
  • DeselectFixture(int fixtureNumber)
  • SelectGroup(int groupNumber)
  • DeselectGroup(int groupNumber)
  • SelectGroupMask(int groupMaskNumber)
  • DeselectAll()
  • List<String> GetPersonalityChannels(String manufacturer, String fixture, String mode)


  • SelectIntensityPreset(int presetNumber)
  • SelectPanTiltPreset(int presetNumber)
  • SelectColorPreset(int presetNumber)
  • SelectBeamPreset(int presetNumber)
  • SelectBeamFxPreset(int presetNumber)
  • SelectFxMacro(int fxMacroNumber)
  • string presetName = GetIntensityPresetName(int presetNumber)
  • string presetName = GetPanTiltPresetName(int presetNumber)
  • string presetName = GetColorPresetName(int presetNumber)
  • string presetName = GetBeamPresetName(int presetNumber)
  • string presetName = GetBeamFxPresetName(int presetNumber)
  • RecordIntensityPreset(int presetNumber, String presetName, bool merge)
  • RecordPanTiltPreset(int presetNumber, String presetName, bool merge)
  • RecordColorPreset(int presetNumber, String presetName, bool merge)
  • RecordBeamPreset(int presetNumber, String presetName, bool merge)
  • RecordBeamFxPreset(int presetNumber, String presetName, bool merge)
  • DeleteIntensityPreset(int presetNumber)
  • DeletePanTiltPreset(int presetNumber)
  • DeleteColorPreset(int presetNumber)
  • DeleteBeamPreset(int presetNumber)
  • DeleteBeamFxPreset(int presetNumber)
  • string presetAppearance = GetColorPresetAppearance(int presetNumber)


  • ClearProgrammer()
  • Key(string keyName, [int press])
  • SetPreviewMode(bool active)
  • SetHighlightMode(bool active)
  • bool SetCVVal(string name, int val, bool absolute)
  • SelectBaseChannelGroup(int groupNumber)
  • SelectEffectChannelGroup(int groupNumber)


  • int newCuelistNumber = RecordCuelistOnDirectory(string cuelistName)
  • SelectCuelist(int cuelistNumber)
  • SetSelectedCuelistName(string newCuelistName)
  • SetCuelistAppearance(int cuelistNumber, string cuelistAppearance)
  • SetCuelistPriority(int cuelistNumber, int priority)
  • SetCuelistReleaseTime(int cuelistNumber, int releaseTime)
  • SetChaseRateTime(int cuelistNumber, int rate)
  • SetChaseCrossfade(int cuelistNumber, int xfade)
  • CopyCuelistFromDirectoryToMainPlayback(int cuelistNumber, int bankNumber, int playbackNumber)
  • CopyCuelistFromDirectoryToPlaybackButton(int cuelistNumber, int pageNumber, int buttonNumber)
  • int cuelistNumber = GetCuelistNumberFromMainPlayback(int bankNumber, int playbackNumber)
  • int cuelistNumber = GetCuelistNumberFromPlaybackButton(int pageNumber, int buttonNumber)
  • DeleteCuelist(int cuelistNumber)
  • DeleteMainPlayback(int bankNumber, int playbackNumber)
  • DeletePlaybackButton(int pageNumber, int buttonNumber)


  • RenameCue(String cueNumber, String newName)
  • RecordCue(String cueNumber, bool merge)
  • SetCueFadeTime(String cueNumber, String fadeTime)
  • SetCueDelayTime(String cueNumber, String delayTime)

Main Playbacks

  • MainPlaybackSetFader(int deviceSpace, int playbackIdx, int value255)
  • MainPlaybackSetButtonUpUp(int deviceSpace, int playbackIdx, bool press)
  • MainPlaybackSetButtonUp(int deviceSpace, int playbackIdx, bool press)
  • MainPlaybackSetButtonDown(int deviceSpace, int playbackIdx, bool press)
  • MainPlaybackSetButtonDownDown(int deviceSpace, int playbackIdx, bool press)
  • MainPlaybackSetBank(int deviceSpace, int bankNumber)
  • MainPlaybackBankScroll(int deviceSpace, bool next)


  • SubmasterSetFader(int bank, int fader, int val255)

Playback Buttons

  • PlaybackButtonGo(int bankNumber, int buttonNumber)
  • PlaybackButtonBack(int bankNumber, int buttonNumber)
  • PlaybackButtonRelease(int bankNumber, int buttonNumber)
  • PlaybackButtonToggle(int bankNumber, int buttonNumber)

MIDI Devices

  • MidiSendMessage(String midiDeviceName, String message)
  • bool MidiSendSysexMessage(String midiDeviceName, List<int> bytes)
  • MidiSetControl(String midiDeviceName, String controlName, int val255)
  • int MidiGetControlLastVelocity(String midiDeviceName, String controlName)

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