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RD/MPCTools – Manual


RD/MPCTools is a free Windows application developed to extend the functionalities of Martin M-Series Software. By using this application, you will be able to use several different devices (MIDI, Joystick, Trackball, etc) to control various functions on the console, simplifying the way you interact with the software in real-time.

Required Dependencies

In order to run RD/MPCTools correctly, this need to be installed:

  •  .NET Framework 4.5

Launching RD/MPCTools

If you followed all the steps described earlier, then launch the executable file: MPCTools.exe

If a windows pops up with a security alert, check both marks and click the “Allow Access” button to enable network access for the application.

MPCTools Firewall


In the main window of the application, you can see the overall status about the Loopback Interface and MIDI connections. You can also click the top-right corner button to open the Settings window.


Connecting your MIDI Device(s)

With RD/MPCTools, you can connect multiple MIDI devices. In this manual, we explain how you should proceed to add each device.

  1. Have your device connected and with the proper drivers installed
  2. Launch RD/MPCTools
  3. Open the MIDI tab
  4. Click the New button
  5. Give your device a name and set the input and output connections
  6. Now, you will have to define which faders and buttons are available, by clicking the button that says, by default, “0 Fad / 0 But” – a window will open and you shall use the Learn function available on the bottom
  7. When you are done click Close
  8. Click the Function Assignments button, this will open a window where you can:
    1. Select a fader/button on the left
    2. Select an event (OnButtonDown, OnButtonUp, OnFaderMove, etc…)
    3. Select a function for that fader/button
    4. Set any needed parameters
    5. Click Assign
    6. Repeat step 8 for every fader/button
  9. When you are done, click Close, to return to the MIDI window
  10. Connect MIDI to open a connection to your MIDI device(s)

If you move the faders in the BCF, you should see the virtual faders moving in M-PC. If everything is ok, the intensity levels of the corresponding cuelists should also change. If not, please check everything from the beginning, because something is missing.

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  1. Sébastien GOURDIN

    I’m a new user of MPC. I have a few problem. mpctools does not recognize my loopback network adapter. At start it fails.
    My configuration is OK for me. In mpc, osc are OK. I use IP for the manuel ( and out port 8000 and in port 9000
    I’m on Win7 pro 64 bits.
    Thank you your answer

    1. Ricardo Dias

      Hello Sébastien,

      There was a problem with v1.7, which was not able to detect the Loopback Interfaces in non-english Windows languages.
      Please try v1.7.1, which should solve your problem.

      Best regards,
      Ricardo Dias

      1. Lucas

        Hello Ricardo,

        Thank you so much for the work you are putting into this. I appreciate it!

        I too am having the same problem with getting mpc to detect the loopback interface. I believe I have the latest version of mpc (I am using the free version…)

        Any thoughts?

  2. Drew

    First off thanks for your hard work on this project. I am looking at switching to MPC from FreeStyler. I currently use a Midicon controller. I have set up MPC and RD/MPCTools (latest release) and have no problem using my old BFC but cannot get the MidiCon to connect when MPC is running. It will connect if MPC is off and I was able to map all the faders and buttons but when MPC is started first like it should i cannot connect to the MidiCon. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again

    1. Ricardo Dias

      Hello Drew,

      There are some people having issues with some controllers.
      Please try powering on the MidiCon only after starting the M-PC, and then start MPCTools.

      Best regards,
      Ricardo Dias

  3. Lucas

    Actually I didn’t read the intial comment correctly…
    I can’t get mpc to detect the loopback.

    1. Ricardo Dias

      Sorry, I think with the information you provided, I will not be able to help you.

  4. Morgan

    Hi Ricardo,

    I can’t see the loopback in my interfaces page in MPC.
    I run windows 8.1 with the M-PC version 3.22.458.0

    Hope you can help me to set this up.


    1. Ricardo Dias

      Hey Morgan,

      The loopback interface shows as a regular Network Ethernet Interface in M-PC. :)
      In Windows Network Settings, open the adapters list and check which one of the interfaces is the loopback.

      Best regards,
      Ricardo Dias

  5. Jouey

    Hi Ricardo,

    First of all, really thanks for your work with this tool.

    I have an m-touch and a M-dmx working in an M-pc platform. I just recently buy a behringer xtouch compact hopping working with it thanks to your program.

    But now, when the behringer arrived, I follow all the steps, and when I’ll wanted to try it the MPCTools tell me than I’m using a newer M-PC version (3.60.734).

    And….. I want to ask you… Will you create a new version for this M-pc version? When does you think that will possible to be done? Really thanks!!

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