Feb 15

Young LD Contest 2014

LD Contest 2014

I’m on a new contest for young Lighting Designers… Usually I don’t bother anyone with contests, but this one is really, really important!

The song I chose is “Nothing Left To Say”, from the famous portuguese singer Aurea, because it goes through some soft moments to a strong uprising feeling, so I tried to capture all the little details, trying to give an identity to each element. In the end, the VU-meter effect was created with a custom application I developed on purpose for controlling two Q-Blender CueLists directly from audio, in real-time (headphones recommended). I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did making it! :)

If you would like to help me, click HERE to see and vote for my video if you like it…

The image above is a screenshot of the used visualizer: Martin Show Designer. Check out LightHouse website to know more about this fantastic product!

Thank YOU!


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Jan 18

Kinect Light Control

Hello :)

In this post I present you a new proof-of-concept project I’ve been working on. It’s called Kinect Light Control and enables the use of Kinect to control a series of moving-head lighting fixtures. Here is a video demonstrating the system, its usage scenarios and a demonstration.

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Jan 04

The Best Xmas Gift – Visit to Martin Professional

Back in October 15th, I told you about the contest I won. All my interest in the lighting industry and admiration for the Martin Professional brand earned me a trip to their Happy Factory and the Head-Quarters at 16th and 17th of December. This was the best Christmas gift I could ask for. A dream come true!

One person is particularly responsible for all this passion I have today: my father! He learned by himself the techniques used in the design and installation of stage lighting in music shows, back in the days of simple PAR projectors. When I was a child, I often went with him and my interest grown gradually. Nowadays the technology has changed a lot and it’s me who is teaching him how to use the more advanced M-Series controllers :)

I had to give back all that my father taught me, so I brought him with me and we went to Denmark with high expectations! If you would like to know a little bit more about Martin Professional, follow us on our trip ;)

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Oct 15

Martin “Show Your Passion” Contest

Martin HQ

Back in September, Martin started a contest named “Show Your Passion”. Contestants were required to submit a video with no more than 1 minute in which they showed their passion for the brand. So did I…

I made a small text, grabbed two cameras and recorded the video. After some editing and some gymnastics to make it fit in 1 minute, I uploaded my video to youtube and sent the link to the given e-mail address with the hope of not being disqualified by an extra 1 second in the YouTube video (although my video editor showed a video length of 1 minute, 0 seconds and 0 frames).

In 1 minute I talked about:

  • Myself: what’s my name, what is my current job and small introduction
  • The passion: in fact at the time, I already had a version of RD/MPCTools working and being used by a lot of users. It really extends the functionality of their program M-PC. I’ve just described how I was using their software with affordable tools.
  • Top 3 of their products that I love: the M6 controller, Viper Quadray and the new RUSH family.

Guess what… I WON!!

Yes, I won a trip to Martin’s factory and HQ! I will be a great experience for me, since I have a background in electronics and have this passion for lighting design.

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Aug 15

New product: RD/USB2DMX

Controlling your DMX-512 lighting fixtures using your PC requires an interface! I’ve already shown you howto build your own OpenDMX interface.

RD/USB2DMX is the result of a full research done on DMX interfaces and is the most portable, affordable and reliable DMX interface you can get for the price! With this interface, one can easily turn a laptop into a professional DMX console and control a single universe with up to 512 channels.

I think it’s a perfect solution for DJs, theaters, disco, live shows and all other applications driven by the DMX-512 protocol.


I’ve just finished building the first batch, so if you live in Europe you can already get yours!

Go to the RD/USB2DMX project page

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