Jan 18

Kinect Light Control

Hello :)

In this post I present you a new proof-of-concept project I’ve been working on. It’s called Kinect Light Control and enables the use of Kinect to control a series of moving-head lighting fixtures. Here is a video demonstrating the system, its usage scenarios and a demonstration.

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Jan 04

The Best Xmas Gift – Visit to Martin Professional

Back in October 15th, I told you about the contest I won. All my interest in the lighting industry and admiration for the Martin Professional brand earned me a trip to their Happy Factory and the Head-Quarters at 16th and 17th of December. This was the best Christmas gift I could ask for. A dream come true!

One person is particularly responsible for all this passion I have today: my father! He learned by himself the techniques used in the design and installation of stage lighting in music shows, back in the days of simple PAR projectors. When I was a child, I often went with him and my interest grown gradually. Nowadays the technology has changed a lot and it’s me who is teaching him how to use the more advanced M-Series controllers :)

I had to give back all that my father taught me, so I brought him with me and we went to Denmark with high expectations! If you would like to know a little bit more about Martin Professional, follow us on our trip ;)

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Oct 15

Martin “Show Your Passion” Contest

Martin HQ

Back in September, Martin started a contest named “Show Your Passion”. Contestants were required to submit a video with no more than 1 minute in which they showed their passion for the brand. So did I…

I made a small text, grabbed two cameras and recorded the video. After some editing and some gymnastics to make it fit in 1 minute, I uploaded my video to youtube and sent the link to the given e-mail address with the hope of not being disqualified by an extra 1 second in the YouTube video (although my video editor showed a video length of 1 minute, 0 seconds and 0 frames).

In 1 minute I talked about:

  • Myself: what’s my name, what is my current job and small introduction
  • The passion: in fact at the time, I already had a version of RD/MPCTools working and being used by a lot of users. It really extends the functionality of their program M-PC. I’ve just described how I was using their software with affordable tools.
  • Top 3 of their products that I love: the M6 controller, Viper Quadray and the new RUSH family.

Guess what… I WON!!

Yes, I won a trip to Martin’s factory and HQ! I will be a great experience for me, since I have a background in electronics and have this passion for lighting design.

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Aug 15

New product: RD/USB2DMX

Controlling your DMX-512 lighting fixtures using your PC requires an interface! I’ve already shown you howto build your own OpenDMX interface.

RD/USB2DMX is the result of a full research done on DMX interfaces and is the most portable, affordable and reliable DMX interface you can get for the price! With this interface, one can easily turn a laptop into a professional DMX console and control a single universe with up to 512 channels.

I think it’s a perfect solution for DJs, theaters, disco, live shows and all other applications driven by the DMX-512 protocol.


I’ve just finished building the first batch, so if you live in Europe you can already get yours!

Go to the RD/USB2DMX project page

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Aug 14

Presenting RD/MPCTools

Martin M-PC is a new free software that can be used in stage lighting productions, compatible with the ENTTEC USB-to-DMX interfaces.

Being able to use a free software that is compatible with my home-made USB-DMX interface is very appealing. The M-PC Graphical Interface is user-friendly, but developed to be easy to use with touch-screens! Because I don’t have one, it becomes very difficult to go live with just a keyboard and a mouse.

Although Martin M-PC can connect to any MIDI device, it doesn’t allow the user to assign the faders from the controller to bank’s faders. This is where I came across the idea of building an application to solve this issue: RD/MPCTools. Interfacing with the faders was possible through OSC (UDP commands sent by network devices). MPCTools makes use of this feature to receive MIDI commands from USB and translates them to OSC to send to M-PC.

I’m currently using M-PC with a BCF2000 flawlessly in several light shows.

It’s free do download if you want to try it for yourself!

Go to RD/MPCTools page

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