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ProtoVCI was an High-School group project developed under the framework of a subject called “Project Area”. It is a remote-controlled fire-fighting vehicle. This project has its own site (in portuguese), so you should visit protovci.wordpress.com if you want to know more about it.


Portugal is one of the EU countries where the incidence of forest fires is larger compared with the total area of the country. Our fire departments are well equipped with vehicles to combat fires, but none of them is unmanned. ProtoVCI is the world’s first prototype of an unmanned vehicle that is able to combat fires remotely.


  • Lack of experience in electronics
  • Poor financial resources
  • The wheels had more traction than expected
  • Finding an adequate water pump
  • Electronic systems powering


In order to overcome some of the already detailed difficulties, the group participated in several activities.

  • Pre-presentation to the main sponsor (Crédito Agrícola) - funded the project in its entirety
  • Research Visits – University of Aveiro, Portuguese Robotics Open

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