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Jan 04

Port Forwarding – What is it, and how can I do it?

You may have already heard about “port forwarding”. But what is it, exactly? Here is your answer: port forwarding is the redirecting of computer signals to specific electronic paths into your computer. You need to forward a port when you are “behind” a router, which is your gateway to the World Wide Web. When network data comes …

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Dec 22

Synergy – Two computers, a single keyboard and mouse

For the last two years I’ve intensively used two different computers – desktop + laptop – and one thing that really annoyed me was having two keyboards and two mice cluttering up my workspace. Recently I came across a tiny server-client application that allows the user to share the keyboard and the mouse with another computer …

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Nov 20

Arduino Wakes My PC

I always dreamed of controlling some of my house features through the Internet. See IPTV in my computer, turn ON/OFF lights, remote P2P downloads… To acomplish this, I needed a server – my old desktop computer should do the work. But of course, it’s not my intention to leave it awake the whole day/week/month… I needed …

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