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Oct 27

Codename StuartLittle

This is my latest project. Me and Renato Lopes (my colleague) are developing a new robot, which has the code-name “StuartLittle”. We started developing this robot in September, joining ideas we both had for a robot to participate in MicroRato 2012 @ University of Aveiro. Firstly, we want to create a modular robot: we split different …

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Oct 26


MusErectus is a project I’ve been involved in, during the last year. It’s a humanoid robot, using Bioloid (made by Robotis) as the hardware base and an IGEPv2 as the main brain. The human team was me, João Silva and Tiago Ângelo – we participated in MicroRato 2011 @ University of Aveiro, demonstrating that not …

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