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Sep 11

My post on SSD upgrade in MacBook Pro

Preamble Everything began with me noticing my “old” MacBook Pro (mid 2009) being too slow… Specially after installing the OS X Lion, the bootup time started to increase as the Applications folder began to grow. Some people reported that being a problem with Lauchpad, which loads the Application icons at startup. Ok, that makes sense! …

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Mar 31

Mac OSX for Hackers

Today I found an interesting script on GitHub, written by Davide D’Agostino, which allows you to fine-tune some hidden preferences on OSX. Davide called it “OSX For Hackers”. The modifications range from simple visual effects disable to more complicated keyboard configurations. Visit https://gist.github.com/2108403 for the up-to-date version of the script. Before using it, I suggest you check every …

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Jan 08

Developing for Linux under OS X in XCode

In this mini-article I will show you how I develop applications for Linux in XCode 4. At the moment I’m using XCode 4.2.1, in OSX Lion, with Ubuntu 10.04 running on a virtual machine. Although the article is related to XCode, after reading and trying out for yourself, you will notice that you can use whatever …

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Dec 22

Synergy – Two computers, a single keyboard and mouse

For the last two years I’ve intensively used two different computers – desktop + laptop – and one thing that really annoyed me was having two keyboards and two mice cluttering up my workspace. Recently I came across a tiny server-client application that allows the user to share the keyboard and the mouse with another computer …

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May 30

MacOSX – jDownloader reconnect script (TG787)

Recently I started using this fantastic Java-based program that allows me to download things easily from Rapidshare and a-like services. These are some things I didn’t like about these sites: the ammount of time needed to wait before starting downloads that time increases as you download more files the download limit per user a day …

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