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Jan 06

Applying nature-like algorithms to robots

It’s always amazing to see how nature is so beautiful that solves many of our difficult problems. By studying the tail technique of a lizard, a research group could effectively improve their robot’s stability just by adding an active tail to it with algorithms that somehow reproduce the animal’s behaviour. Via Automaton

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Jan 05

The new NAO “Next Gen”

The new NAO has been presented by Aldebaran in this video, with a 1.6GHz processor and two HD cameras. The old version is the official platform for the RoboCup Standard Platform League, and in RoboCup 2011 (Istanbul, Turkey) I’ve came across some complaints about the NAO design, being most of them related to the hip joint. …

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Mar 14

Build Wheels for Robotics

Sometimes, when we project a robot, the wheels are the hardest components to find… They are also sometimes hard to adapt to the motors/servos. This is why I decided to show you the wheels I made to my XMasRobot. The idea was to recycle some objects I had laying down the lab and had no …

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