CAMBADA (acronym of Cooperative Autonomous Mobile roBots with Advanced Distributed Architecture) is the RoboCup Middle-Size League soccer team of the University of Aveiro (IEETA/DETI), Portugal.
Team Leader Role
(2013 - 2018)

- Responsible for the coordination of the team work during national and international competitions and their respective preparation.

- Restructured the agent software architecture and programmed new agent behaviours and controllers;

- Developed support tools for configuration and calibration of various robot's components.
Researcher (IRIS-Lab, IEETA)
(2009 - 2019)
- Collaboration as a volunteer since the first year in the University;
- Three scholarships awarded;
- Regular presentations and demos to other students and external visitors (industry/colleges/high-schools);
- Supervision of and support for student projects;
- Organizing Committee of the V Intl. MSL Workshop (held in IRIS-Lab, in November 2015).
Participation in Competitions
RoboCup 2019 (Sydney, Australia)
 RoboCup Portuguese Open 2019 (Gondomar, Portugal)

 RoboCup 2018 (Montreal, Canada)
 RoboCup Portuguese Open 2018 (Torres Vedras, Portugal)
 RoboCup 2017 (Nagoya, Japan)
 RoboCup Portuguese Open 2017 (Coimbra, Portugal)
 RoboCup 2016 (Leipzig, Germany)
 RoboCup Portuguese Open 2016 (Bragança, Portugal)
 RoboCup European Open 2016 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
RoboCup 2015 (Hefei, China)
 RoboCup Portuguese Open 2015 (Vila Real, Portugal)
 RoboCup 2014 (João Pessoa, Brazil)
 Robotica 2014 (Espinho, Portugal)
 RoboCup IranOpen 2014 (Tehran, Iran)
 RoboCup 2013 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
 Robotica 2013 (Lisbon, Portugal)
RoboCup 2012 (Mexico-City, Mexico)
DutchOpen 2012 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Robotica 2012 (Guimarães, Portugal)
 RoboCup 2011 (Istanbul, Turkey)
 Robotica 2011 (Lisbon, Portugal)

 Robotica 2010 (Batalha, Portugal)

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