Diogo Piçarra, Queima do Porto
Diogo Piçarra, Queima do Porto
Custom Stream Deck Layout
Custom Stream Deck Layout
ShowCockpit Custom Project
ShowCockpit Custom Project
My Roles
Software Developer
Integration Engineer and Consultant
Bits and Bolts
iConnectivity mioXL
Resolume Arena
As a software developer, I was responsible for providing some ReaScripts for REAPER to perform custom actions, according to the requirements. These scripts were triggered from an Elgato Stream Deck on stage and enabled some funky timeline playback manipulation for live looping with timecode, as well as some automations to streamline the whole performance technical process.

I was also hired as an integration consultant to provide an integrated solution for redundancy with two REAPER instances running in parallel in two computers. The triggers had to be sent to both instances, and any MIDI data sent from the active REAPER instance had to be routed back to a set of other devices.

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